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EDU365 Digital Media Management


EDU365 are proud to partner with Planet eStream for the management and distribution of education media resources.

Planet eStream is an enterprise class multimedia platform designed for secondary, further and higher education. It offers a powerfully simple and secure solution to make media content more accessible and engaging for students and educators.

Key features include..

estream features


EDU365 Learning Management

Engage parents, teachers and pupils by sharing vital information

Communication is key to ensuring your whole school community is working together to boost pupil achievement. With 'Everest', the EDU365 Learning Management solution, you can share information with parents, teachers and pupils instantly and securely, enabling online access to vital school data, anytime, anywhere - including information already stored in your MIS.

You can engage parents more fully by giving them the information they need to support their child effectively, including details of attendance, behavior, assignments due and a history of marks & gradings.

With secure web access to MIS data your staff can work more flexibly with no need to upload or store information anywhere else. At the same time, you’ll make significant savings for school communications in both administration time and printing costs.