School Change Management

change1It all starts with an idea and a great product but it all happens because of good planning and support and it is all effective because of data reviews and analysis.

Many new initiatives and projects fail not because there are not good ideas but rather that the implementation and execution of these initiatives and projects was not as considered, thought through, prepared for and robust enough. 

Effective change RARELY happens by accident. Effective change is a PLANNED PROCESS and will HAPPEN at different rates/time for different individuals, different teams and different establishments. Having an awareness and understanding of this means that different support structures and strategies can be implemented at the right time, to the right people and in the right way.
Also, if you are taking the time and effort to collect the data then you need to ensure that you are then using it to its maximum potential.

  • Are you exploring and interrogating the data in-order to extract 360 information from it or are you just collecting it?
  • Are you using your data as a tool to drive improvement or just as a weapon to apportion blame?
  • Is your data leading to interventions, action planning and change?
  • Any report or set of data can only tell you a small part of the story. We need to ask the following questions to actually start to use this information;
  • What factors are influencing this?
  • What patterns can we see?
  • Is this an isolated set of data or is it being replicated elsewhere?
  • What factors can make things improve or get worse?
  • What do we need to do next?

What we at the EDU365 Group do differently;

  • At EDU365 we support you at every stage of the implementation process- we do not just ‘sell and go’
  • At EDU365 we advise you on developing a robust, sequential and comprehensive action and implementation plan – from creating the infrastructure, staff training and problem solving to support with data driven decision making.
  • At EDU365 we are responsive to your needs. Every organization and the people within that organization are different, working in a different context with different resources and priorities. We understand this and adapt our approach in a ‘Bespoke’ manner.
  • At EDU365 we understand that sometimes things do not go fully to plan. We respond to each situation and development as it occurs and will work with you to find the most effective solutions and ways forward.
  • At EDU365 we do not just want you to buy a product from us, we want you to get the most from the product and will help you learn and discover how much it can support you and your continuous drive for improvement.

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