SIMS Parents Evening Booker

You can ensure that your parents’ evenings run smoothly with Parents’ Evening System, an online service that lets parents book their own parents’ evening appointments via the internet.

Not only does this simplify the process for parents, it helps save time and money, eases the administrative burden and improves your school’s communication.

  • Quick and easy for parents
    Parents can see teachers' available parents' evening appointment times on one screen and choose a time that suits them with ease. Once booked, parents receive an automatic confirmation of the appointment.
  • Saves you time and money
    The web-based system will greatly reduce calls to your administration staff and help you make valuable time and cost savings.
  • Helps you to plan ahead
    Each parents’ evening can be set to open and close for bookings at a pre‚Äźdetermined date or time, allowing staff to plan efficiently. Placing parents' evening schedules online keeps everyone well informed.
  • Manage after school clubs, plays and events
    Parents can also book tickets for school plays and places at after school clubs online. You can specify the maximum capacity and the number of sessions available.

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