MLS - SIMS Library Management

Micro Librarian Systems (MLS) is a market-leading online library management system, designed for both Prep and Senior school pupils. MLS provides everything you need to create and develop a dynamic online library portal - the centre for research and learning in your school.

All the information you need, instantly
Monitor and identify trends and target readers’ interests using excellent statistical information. Customise and prepare your own statistics along with over 60 ready to use report templates

  • Make reading fun for students
    Students can download books onto computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices from an integrated eBook library, putting the fun back into reading.
  • Engage with parents
    Parents can log in to the parent portal of your school’s Learning Platform or VLE, allowing them to instantly view their child’s reading activity.
  • Dynamic and intuitive searching
    Provides a unique range of search options, designed to suit the needs of students of all academic levels.
  • Fully integrated with SIMS
    MLS library solutions are integrated with the SIMS database, allowing for easy automated creation of accounts, whilst at the same time providing essential reading statistics for educators and parents.

The iMLS App allows parents, students an teachers to access the school library from a mobile phone or tablet.

Schools using Junior or (hosted) can now ensure the library and its resources are accessible anywhere, anytime and available to your whole school community. The app is a fantastic way to encourage parental engagement with reading.


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Give resources a star rating

Pupils can write reviews about books and websites for other pupils to read (once approved by a member of staff), helping pupils in developing literacy and writing skills.

Automatic book recognition

Recognises the books you scan and automatically adds an image and summary to your records.

Different interfaces to engage with pupils

Pupils can choose from two different interfaces - Junior Classic or Beach Scene.

'Who next?' feature

Automatically suggests next book recommendations for students to read based on books or authors they like.

Create a register of all your assets

Create an asset register for all your school’s resources.

Bring the library into all your classes

Embed the library into the teaching of ICT and literacy.

Links with your school website

Link your library and resources to your school VLE or website.

Access anywhere, anytime

Access your school library via a mobile phone or tablet with the free iMLS app.

MLS Reading Cloud


The Reading Cloud is powered by Junior Librarian and therefore utilises all of the management functionality and innovation MLS has developed over the past 25 years, with additional new features and social tools to help schools meet the challenges of the 21st century.

This makes the Reading Cloud the most powerful library and resource management system to date, supporting the curriculum whilst also providing an online reading community designed to engage children, parents and educators in reading for enjoyment.

Contact us today to book a demo and begin to explore the ways in which the Reading Cloud can support your school and inspire your pupils with a lifelong love of reading…

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