SIMS Core Database

SIMS Core Database is the central source for your school's data – the point at which you collate, edit and analyse information, building a complete picture of every student.

See a full profile of your school through the activities of your pupils to help you deliver educational excellence. The SIMS Core Suite delivers accurate information on pupil achievement, attendance and conduct to help you actively manage your school and make real- time decisions based on evidence, not assumptions.

Schools tell us that by entering achievement and behaviour information directly into SIMS, they've saved over 370 hours (or ten weeks of admin time) in the first year alone.

Key benefits

Monitor behaviour, progress and attendance. Key data on individual attendance, progress, behaviour, achievements and Special Educational Needs is displayed on a single screen. Quick links to details can provide information for parent meetings to give you the complete picture of a student's performance

Ensure your student records are up-to-date. 'Alerts' remind you when student records need updating.

Communicate efficiently. Free up more time for the day job of teaching. Send immediate messages straight to the right people, prepare quick letters home without searching for addresses, using the contact details already saved in SIMS. Staff stay in the loop via the SIMS Home Page.

Reduce administration – free up time to drive forward performance in school. Take the hard work out of a necessary task. Statutory returns are created and submitted straight from the data already saved in SIMS.

Comprehensive reports. Get relevant data on persistent or unexplained absences, behaviour incidents, SEN Provision, and Assessment results, all from a single source.

SIMS in the palm of your hand. With SIMS Emerge, the SIMS 'App' from our partner Groupcall, teachers can search for student key information and enter live data such as attendance and behaviour incidents, directly via an iPhone, iPad or Android device.


[bubble background="#FFF" color="#666" border="3px solid #ccc" author="-Ms. A Quale, Headteacher"]"SIMS allows us to get on with the core business of teaching and learning. Its pupil performance data means that every child can have support when and where it is needed most”[/bubble]


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