About EDU365

There is a major difference between simply having IT systems, and using these systems to improve effectivness and drive school improvement.

EDU365 is an education company with a complimentary, diverse team of experienced educators and technology specialists dedicated to providing your school with the tools and advice that can help drive transformation. Through consolidation, simplification and integration of systems we facilitate data driven decision making in schools.

Our key personnel has more than 20 years’ experience in improving schools globally, including personally installing, implementing and supporting school Management Information Systems (MIS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) in more than 600 schools worldwide.

EDU365 provides a tailored service to education that is free from tech-jargon. It lays out a structured roadmap for success, usually in a multi-year timeframe, using best-in-class products to provide guaranteed results.

Too many IT companies are focused on selling generic, stand-alone products into education with minimal support, no guidance, poor training and even less care for how it fits into the overall function of the school.

EDU365 are not an IT company. We are an education company. We integrate proven, award-winning products to provide a seamless and exciting end-user experience that engages teachers, students and parents in the common goal of increasing pupil achievement. Making complex solutions appear simple is our primary remit - integrating them as one system and separating the users from the underlying technology can achieve this.


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EDU365 is focused on the integration of ALL school systems, including operational management, curriculum delivery, network infrastructure and 3rd party systems into a complete dashboard style interface that is intuitive for all to use. This ease of use and integrated approach provides the tools teachers, students and parents need to collaborate in raising standards of achievement.

Our core products are the SIMS Management Information System (MIS), the SLG Web Portals and the LearnPad tablet instruction solution. These three solutions work together to provide the complete teaching and learning framework for schools.

Our solutions are designed to be modular and to be implemented as ‘building blocks’ over the course of a carefully planned, multi-term project. This provides many advantages including more flexibility in budgeting as schools can invest in educational technology in a forecast and structured way, whilst retaining the value of the original investment year-on-year.


Our solutions are already tried and tested globally.

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that the human element is the most important part of a successful school improvement plan. We provide a structured environment of user training and ongoing coaching to ensure that no-one gets left behind. Simply outlining how a product operates functionally without saying why it is necessary and what benefits there are for the students, teachers and parents only provides half the story. Our programs engender a culture of in-depth understanding from all stakeholders. We ensure that there is a clear understanding of how the solutions integrate and how they support teaching and learning. This establishes a ‘buy-in’ commitment from the stakeholders that ultimately helps to drive the projects to success.

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